Here’s what got our coffee mugs super hot this morning:
  • Rihanna is on her way to making history, having just landed her eighth number one single with “What’s My Name,” featuring Drake. Congrats! This pushes her past Madonna in #1 hits — but who’s counting? Plus, she’s been rocking a new fish tail braided ponytail lately… though the jury is still out on this one. Check her out on the “X-Factor.”[Popeater]
  • Isaiah Washington may not have sour feelings toward Mel Gibson. Perez Hilton is reporting that Washington thinks Gibson is a “talented man” and thinks that working with Charlie Sheen would be a disaster. Either way, it’s a hot mess. [Perez Hilton]
  • Mariah Carey’s newest effort, “Merry Christmas II You,” has debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 chart, #1 on the R&B Chart and #1 on the Holiday Chart! This is a big accomplishment for a holiday CD. She sold a total of 56,537 discs, making it her 16th top ten debut. It’s possible she could get a new number one out of this CD as well. Mariah and Nick are also sharing their holiday plans. They’re planning to do nothing but play DJ Hero 2. Love it! [That Grape Juice]
  • “Pink Friday” is closer and closer for Nicki Minaj fans. In case you’re itching to hear what the new rap diva is serving up for her debut CD, check out her album snippets on Vibe. Let us know if you’re jammin’ or slammin’ it. [Vibe]
  • Rapper Shyne has chosen an interesting route in life. He’s now a strict Orthodox Jew. Black Voices is reporting that he lives in Jerusalem and is happy with his life. He even changed his name to Moses Levi. [Black Voices]
  • If Oprah’s name could get any bigger… well, it has! United Airlines has launched the Oprah Plane. The 757 is painted with pictures from Oprah’s last season on the air. The interior has even been decorated to remind passengers who’s in charge. At the start of the flight, passengers will see a special greeting from Ms. Winfrey herself. Can you imagine riding on the Oprah plane? It just might take you anywhere in the world. [ABC]
  • Michelle Obama’s actions are causing some chatter this morning. She reportedly shook hands with a conservative Indonesian minister who happens to be Muslim. This violates the minister’s claims that “avoids contact with women not related to him,” reports the Daily News. “I tried to prevent (being touched) with my hands, but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far forward (so) we touched,” he said. [Daily News]
Check out Jill Scott’s live performance of “A Long Walk” at the 2010 ESSENCE Music Festival on our new Vevo channel.

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