Coffee Talk: Oprah Admits to Near Nervous Breakdown
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See why we’re having a big pot of decaffeinated coffee:

• Sometimes the responsibilities of being a media mogul and an artist can be too much to handle. Oprah recently shared with Shaun Robinson on Access Hollywood that she nearly suffered a nervous breakdown last year. The OWN creator said she realized she was headed for trouble after interviewing Jason Russell of the Kony 2012 movement, who famous went streaking through the streets of Los Angeles after his breakdown. “In the beginning, it was just sort of speeding and a kind of numbness and going from one thing to the next thing,” she said. “I will tell you when I realized that I thought, ‘All right, if I don’t calm down I’m gonna be in serious trouble.'” The Butler star says she was doing voiceovers one day when the words on the page nearly became too much for her. “…I had reached a point where I just couldn’t take in anymore stimulation. OK? That’s what I meant by that.” [Access Hollywood]

• Rapper Trina was hospitalized after fainting in a Florida airport Monday. The super star is reportedly being treated for dehydration and overexertion. Trina had also been ill in recent days. She’s said to be recovering fine. [TMZ]

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• Yesterday, the legendary Ray Charles was honored with a stamp by the United States Postal Service. According to Rolling Stone, Charles is the latest star to be honored in the postal service’s Music Icon series. In celebration of the stamp and Charles’ birthday, two separate events were held—one in his home state of Georgia and the other in Los Angles. [Rolling Stone]

• When Cee Lo Green returned to the premiere episode of NBC’s The Voice last night, many of his fans were shocked. The singer appeared to have a massive head tattoo. However, it’s just Henna and it will naturally fade away within four weeks E! Online discovered. He also wore a Michael Jackson style red leather jacket with oversized sunglasses to complete his look. [E! Online]