Coffee Talk: NBC Cancels ‘Murder, She Wrote’ Reboot with Octavia Spencer
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• NBC has decided to table its upcoming Murder, She Wrote reboot starring Oscar winning actress Octavia Spencer. According to Deadline, NBC is looking to approach the show with a fresh direction. It was originally set to follow a hospital administrator as she self-published her first mystery novel. The show received lots of attention when it was announced back in October. However, news of a Murder, She Wrote remake didn’t sit with the show’s original actress, Angela Lansbury. It’s back to the drawing board for NBC. [Deadline]

• Rashida Jones is set to star in TBS’ newest comedy, Tribeca. The show will be written and produced by Steve Carrell and his wife, Nancy. It follows a group of LAPD officers who work in the RHCU (Really Heinous Crimes Unit), which is led by Angie Tribeca (Jones). Drama ensues when Tribeca is assigned a partner. Jones is set to begin filming in February. [Hollywood Reporter]

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• Porsha Stewart’s finances are once again in the headlines. According to TMZ, she’s fallen behind in her homeowner association dues (for her Atlanta condo). She owes $17,959 to be exact. The homeowner’s association has asked the court to freeze Stewart’s bank account and seize funds until her debt is paid. [TMZ]

• Amber Riley and her sister have launched their very own plus-size online boutique. The store will allow shoppers to browse through a number of designs and garments right from Riley’s own closet. “My sister and I are clothes fanatics and since so many of my curvier fans always express that they like my clothes I thought why not clean out my closet and fill up all of yours,” said Riley. [Facebook]