Coffee Talk: Model Ataui Deng Found Alive After Going Missing for 12 Days

Here’s what we’re talking about over our hot coffee:

Sudanese model Ataui Deng has been found alive nearly two weeks after vanishing. Deng was last seen leaving a nightclub in Hell’s Kitchen 12 days ago. Social media began buzzing about her disappearance after friends, including Rihanna, started posting about her. Last night Deng was recovered in a New York hospital after a worker informed the police that she had been admitted under another name. Details on why she was hospitalized have yet to be released. [NYDailyNews]

Twelve Years a Slave director Steve McQueen is working with HBO to cast an upcoming pilot in Harlem. The unnamed HBO pilot will be about a young African-American man and his experience with New York’s high soctiey. No experience is necessary. [DNAInfo]

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson may have just starred in the big theatre blockbuster, Hercules, but he’s already going back to work. Johnson is up for two roles in the same DC Comics movie. It’s between Shazam, the superhero, and Black Adam, his arch-nemesis. Which role do you think he should play? [AccessHollywood]

With news of the upcoming Kanye West album, comes a strange but highly interesting collaboration: West and Paul McCartney. The Beatles legend and “Yeezus” have reportedly been hitting the studio together, with one song already done. [AccessHollywood]

Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams spoke with CNN ‘State of the Union’ last night about how the Micahel Brown case is being portrayed in the media. “You’ll find that people doing the oppressing always want to start the narrative at the convenient part, or always want to start the story int he middle,” he said. “This started witha kid getting shot and killed and left in the street for four hours.” Williams believes journalists need to make sure they’re getting the whole story.