Coffee Talk: Michelle Obama Pens Open Letter to Women
Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

Guess what flavor brew we’re sipping on today:

• Michelle Obama penned an open letter to women in the November issue of Elle. In it the First Lady lists five reasons why she’s voting her husband. Among her reasons are: he’s fighting for equal pay for women, he’ll fight for our right to make our own health-care decisions, he’s putting affordable education within reach, he understands why women’s economic success is important and he believes everyone deserves a fair shot. In addition, Mrs. Obama says, “I voted for him because I knew he was going to stand up for women like me—and our daughters, sisters and mothers… I’m proud of how far we have come.” [Elle]

• Harry Belafonte says presidential candidate Mitt Romney isn’t fit to run the country. “I think that where we are now is in crisis and [at] a crossroads,” he expressed to the Huffington Post. “If unbridled capitalism prevails with the current electoral process, and Mitt Romney makes it, then I think we’re in for a terrible, terrible future.” [Huffington Post]

• Although Tyler Perry’s new movie Alex Cross is just opening in theaters today, there’s already buzz that he’ll star in the sequel, Double Cross. The second installment follows Cross as he’s being targeted by “two psychopathic killers.” Will you be watching Perry on the silver screen this weekend? [Deadline]

• Issa Rae has a brand new web series. This time it’s all about First Lady Michelle Obama. The Michelle Obama Diaries supposedly reveals what Mrs. Obama is really thinking when it comes to several issues including the debates, the president’s chances for reelection and more.  [Clutch Magazine]

• Less than a year after buying their Hidden Hills, California mansion, Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert are selling the property. The two are unloading it for $7.5M, $500K less than what they purchased it for. The sudden move leads many to wonder if there is trouble in paradise? [Daily Mail]