The weekend is almost here and we’re sipping a cool mocha latte as we read today’s top news.

  • Halle Berry’s intruder, Richard Franco, has plead not guilty to one felony count of stalking. Richard was caught roaming around in Halle’s backyard earlier this week. Although he’s denying the charges, he was still served with a restraining order to keep away from Halle. [TMZ]

  • We also have updates on the mysterious hotel attack involving Nicki Minaj. According to the police report, Nicki was accidentally hit in the mouth with a suitcase during an argument, which was allegedly with her assistant and supposed boyfriend, Safaree Samuels. Nicki is not pressing charges, but whatever the case, why would “an assistant” throw a suitcase at his boss? SMH [TMZ]

  • When it comes to romance, it looks like Cee Lo Green only has eyes for… Pippa Middleton? In a recent interview, the “Forget You” singer says that he’s become more selective in dating. “I’ve got to go for a duchess or something,” Cee Lo joked. “I’ve got to go for Pippa, man.”  [Celebrity Wonder]
  • Beyonce’ s “4” is still running the charts! The singer’s newly released LP is holding on to the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 charts, selling 115,000 units in the second week. [Billboard]

  • Kanye West is channeling his love of style into a new business venture. The rapper is planning to start a fashion line which will debut this fall during New York Fashion Week. He’s reportedly enlisted the help of Louise Wilson, Chair of the Fashion Department at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College, to advise on his endeavor. [New York Magazine]

  • R.Kelly, who will be heading to Jamaica to headline the Reggae Sumfest next week, is apparently having a few money issues. The singer’s Chicago mansion is facing a $2.9 million foreclosure. Kells allegedly hasn’t made a mortgage payment since June of 2010.  [EURweb]

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