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Coffee Talk: Halle Berry Identifies Nahla as Black

It's Tuesday and we're reaching for the French Roast this morning. Janet Jackson is talking about her self-esteem issues, Rihanna's "S&M" has been renamed in the UK, Sherri Shepherd is hosting the Dove Awards, and Halle Berry says she identifies her biracial daughter Nahla as Black. Read on for more Coffee Talk... Here's what you had to say: Miiz commented via Facebook: "People identify themselves with whatever ethnicity they desire. Race is man-made." Anikwa wrote via Facebook:"My kids are black, white, Indian, Filipino and Spanish. They go as Black, but they are also multi-racial."


It’s Tuesday and we’re reaching for the French Roast this morning:

  • In the middle of an impending custody battle with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry tells Ebony she identifies her daughter Nahla as Black. This, coming after Internet rumors about Aubry allegedly disliking the fact that Nahla is called Black. “I feel like she’s Black. I’m Black and I’m her mother and I believe in the one-drop theory,” said Berry. The Oscar-winner went on to say that Nahla will ultimately have to decide for herself, “I’m not going to put a label on it. I had to decide for myself and that’s what she’s going to have to decide — how she identifies herself in the world.” [Black Celebrity Kids]

  • Sherri Shepherd is all set to host Gospel’s Dove Awards on April 20th. Shepherd said fans should expect “a hot night of godly music and comedy.” We’re interested in how she manages to mix the two. We’ll be watching when it airs on GMC on Easter Sunday. [EurWeb]

  • Rihanna is angry over the title change in the UK of her latest single, “S&M.” The BBC has banned the video from daytime TV and has renamed the track “Come On” because of its suggestive title. RiRi’s already catching flack for the sexually driven video, which is also banned in 11 countries. [Urban Daily]

  • A judge has given the green light to televising Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial. The trial date is set for March 28th and it is expected to last six weeks. Murray is currently still out on $75,000 bail. [CNN]

  • Prince invited Kim Kardashian on stage during Monday night’s Madison Square Garden performance. Sadly, he soon kicked her off stage because she wouldn’t dance. “I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!” said the reality star. She got a second chance when he pulled her back on stage for the finale. Girl, why wouldn’t you dance with Prince?! [Perez Hilton]

  • In a revealing interview with “Today,” Janet Jackson said she use to feel so unattractive that she would bang her head up against a wall. “I still have issues with it,” she said. “I don’t bang my head up against the wall, but I still have those moments and I think it’ll probably continue, but at least I know how to deal with it now. And I’m in a much better place.” This goes to show even the most beautiful, most powerful people in the world have self-esteem issues. [Bossip]

  • Jamie Foxx recently visited George Lopez to talk about his recent movie with Martin Lawrence, romancing a woman, and what his favorite song to make love to is. Pretty interesting, check it out.