It’s Monday and we are still beaming over a wonderful weekend. Here’s what we’re reading as we drink our morning java.

  • Halle Berry had the police on speed dial this weekend after a pesky intruder made his way onto her L.A. property, twice. By the time the cops arrived on the scene, the guy was nowhere to be found. Police even sent a helicopter to survey the neighborhood. [Celebrity Wonder]

  • Swizz Beatz is nudging his wife Alicia Keys to team up with fellow vocal powerhouse Adele. The superstar producer dropped hints that the duet could already in the making saying, “teaming two greats up together, it makes history. So let’s make this good for music.” We love Alicia and Adele, so that would be some good music indeed! [MTV News]

  • Speaking of hot new music, we’re hearing that hip-hop maven Jay-Z could be working on a new solo album. “I know exactly the tone and the whole feel of the album. When you experience creativity, you should get it out as much as possible,” Jay said. We’re already anxiously waiting for “Watch the Throne”, Jay’s collabo with Kanye West. [Perez Hilton] 

  • Remember when we told you about Bow Wow penning an intimate blog post about his baby daughter? Well, things may not have always been so rosy with his daughter’s mother, Joie Chavis, who now says the rapper/actor was nowhere to be found when she gave birth, hence her omission of his name on the baby’s birth certificate. Ouch. Hopefully the two can patch things up.  [TMZ]

  • Damon Dash is another dad who may be striking a nerve with his child’s mother. Reports say Linda Williams, mother of Damon’s 19-year-old son, has been in court seeking back child support of $1,700 a month that hasn’t been paid in over a year. Let’s hope Damon and Linda can work this whole thing out in their son’s best interest. [Radar Online]

  • Could Will Smith and Martin Lawrence team up again for “Bad Boys 3?” Director Michael Bey surely hopes so. “‘We talk about Bad Boys 3,” said Bey, “It’s hard to get our schedules together but it’s great working with those guys.” Seeing Mike Lowrey and Marcus back together would be awesome! [MTV Movies]

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