Coffee Talk: Forest Whitaker Takes Over Richard Pryor Biopic
Clyaton Chase/ Getty

See why we’re having an iced latte this morning:

• Forest Whitaker will produce an in-the-works Richard Pryor biopic and oversee its script, reports It’s part of the upcoming film’s overhaul that initially saw director Bill Condon spearheading the project. The change comes as no surprise given the number of setbacks Condon had. Whitaker will reportedly seek the help of Pryor’s widow, Jennifer, in rewriting the script. Although changes are being made on the top, no casting decisions have been finalized. There’s also no word on when the film will begin shooting. [Slash Film]

• Actress Regina King will star in a new ABC pilot, Divorce: A Love Story, which follows a recently divorced couple who can’t seem to break it off. King will play the male character’s best friend’s wife, a dental hygienist named Cassandra. If the pilot gets picked up for a season, King will only take the role if her current show, Southland, on TNT gets canceled. [Deadline]

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• Idris Elba believes his upcoming film on Nelson Mandela is the best yet. “Not in terms of performance,” he says. “But my film’s about his entire life. Anyone wanting to understand who Mandela was should go and watch my film.” Mandela has reportedly seen portions of the unreleased film and has praised it, says Elba. There’s no word on when the film will hit theaters. [Guardian]

• TV fanatics may be saddened to hear Judge Joe Brown is going off the air after 15 years of court TV. CBS made the announcement after contract negations fell through. Brown was reportedly earning $20 million a year off the show and was second in ratings behind Judge Judy[Hollywood Reporter]