Here’s what we’re we’re stirring in our cups:
  • Fantasia shot her latest music video, “I’m Doin Me” in Brooklyn, New York. It looks like she’s back on top of the world and doing just fine! By the way, isn’t her album the business?! [Bossip]
  • Would you pay Chris Rock $20,000 to curse out your ex? One woman did, and boy, did she get her money’s worth! Take a look at the hilarious video. [Perez Hilton]
  • Katy Perry’s BFF, Rihanna, was a no-show at Katy’s wedding in India, but Katy didn’t seem to mind, a source tells TMZ. Perry reportedly booked a room just for Rihanna, in case she changed her mind. Hmm, we’re not sure about this one. Would you miss your BFF’s wedding because of work? [TMZ]
  • Looks like Tyson Beckford, 40, has set his sights on a young’un. Page Six is reporting that Beckford and Russell Simmons’ intern, Sagen Albert, 21, were seen getting cozy at Simmons’ reality show launch party. Do you think Beckford is crossing the line? [Page Six]
  • If you’re in need of costume ideas for Halloween, Madame Noire has just what you need. They’re serving up a list of “ghetto superstars” you can transform into for trick or treating, including Clarence Thomas and Virginia Thomas, Antoine Dodson and more. Some of these ideas are near crossing the line… but we’ll let you check out the rest of their costume ideas. [Madame Noire]
  • President Obama’s camp has tapped Jay-Z to help with the 2012 election. If you recall, Jay-Z was involved in the 2008 election, so it only makes sense that they bring him onboard again. He was quoted saying, “I hope to inspire… I guess Obama too, this thing already, but just the hope of how far we can make it and the hope in knowing how far you can go from where you started if you really apply yourself and stay true to who you are.” [Page Six]
  • Drake celebrated his 24th birthday yesterday. During his concert the music stopped to wish him a great bday. Nicki Minaj was also there to give Drizzy a kiss on the cheek. Check out the footage. [Urban Daily]

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