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Coffee Talk: Eddie Murphy Named Forbes's Most Overpaid Actor

According to their calculations, for every $1 Murphy is paid, the studio earns $2.30 back.
Coffee Talk: Eddie Murphy Named Forbes’s Most Overpaid Actor
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See why we’re having glazed donuts with our brew:

  • Forbes pulled together yet another fancy celebrity ranking—however, this one isn’t so glamorous. Eddie Murphy tops Forbes’s list of Most Overpaid Actors. According to the magazine’s calculations, for every $1 Murphy was paid for his last three wide releases, the studio earned $2.30 back. The comedian’s most recent crop of films all sunk at the box office. Katherine Heigl, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and Jack Black rounded out the top five. [Forbes]


  • Police have concluded that Gabriel Aubry was the instigator in his Turkey Day brawl with Olivier Martinez. According to reports, Aubry committed two batteries before Martinez began defending himself. Fortunately, neither Martinez nor Halle Berry wish to press charges. They believe it wouldn’t be in Nahla’s best interest. [TMZ]


  • Producer The Dream says Beyoncé will have new music out by time she hits the Super Bowl stage on February 3. “She’s got her stuff going,” said The Dream. “She took the summer to start recording, and now she’s in a place where she’s ready to start gearing up to reveal her plan. I’m sure there will probably be a couple records you hear before the Super Bowl gets here.” [Rolling Stone]


  • Today, Jay-Z released a documentary about the work behind his eight-concert series at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center. The 24-minute clip, Where I’m From, can be found on Youtube and it even shows behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsals and more. [Rolling Stone]


  • Jaden Smith is caught in an Instagram fiasco. He’s denying posting a profanity-laced message targeting a bully who attacked one of his female followers, calling her “fat.” He tweeted the following message, “I would never say anything like that to anyone let alone a woman I stand for my republic Msfts over all.” However, man have screen grabs of the message before it was deleted. [E! Online]