See what flavored donut we’re dunking in our morning coffee:

  • Fantasia’s pregnancy may be more stressful than originally thought. The former “American Idol” is said to be on bed rest per doctor’s orders. Fanny was scheduled to perform at this weekend’s Bronner Brother International Hair Show in Atlanta. If that’s the case, it’s a good chance most, if not all, of her upcoming performances will need to be postponed. [YBF]

  • Janet Jackson was also scheduled to perform in the coming days at Indiana’s State Fair. Unfortunately, because of the stage’s recent collapse, her performance has been canceled as well. [EURweb]

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  • Trey Songz is planning a trip to South Africa! He says his upcoming trip to the motherland will inspire his next album, “Chapter 5.” The R&B singer also said in a recent interview that he finished up filming “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D” and it’s coming out in 2012. He stays busy these days — gotta love his work ethic. [That Grape Juice]

  • Have you ever seen Lenny Kravitz walk around with a clunky phone from about 1985? It seems as though that’s his cell phone because he’s afraid of radiation. “It keeps the rays, or whatever you want to call them, off your head. You can’t slip it into your pocket very easily but it’s worth it.” [EURweb]

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  • Is Will Smith working on a new rap album? Producer La Mar “Mars” Edwards opened up to XXL magazine about working with Smith on his next album. Do you think Smith has was it takes to compete? [Urban Daily]

  • Is Paula Patton still scheduled to play a leading role in the upcoming “Sparkle” film? We thought so, but the studio put out a casting call for the part everyone originally thought Patton had sewn up. We’re interested to see how this film turns out. [EURweb]


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