Here’s why we’re adding a shot of espresso:

  • Jury selection for Jennifer Hudson’s family murder trial begins today. Judge Charles Burns plans to question jurors one-by-one to determine if they will be swayed by Hudson’s star power. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “the Number one challenge at trials involving megastars is identifying 12 jurors able and willing to assess guilt solely on what they hear in court.” Attorney Gerald Union says Hudson will have to refrain from making emotional expressions – it may be grounds for a mistrial. The former American Idol star is expected to testify and attend the trial daily. [Hollywood Reporter]

  • Ruben Studdard’s divorce was finalized in January and it only took two months, thanks to his iron clad pre-nup. Studdard wasn’t ordered to pay spousal support or alimony to Surata Zuri McCants. He also gets to keep their home. [Vibe]

  • Bobbi Kristina says should there ever be a Whitney Houston biopic, she wants to play her mother. She’s said to be expressing interest in the project. [TMZ]

  • Ex-NFL star Warren Sapp has filed for bankruptcy. The former defensive lineman reportedly owes $6.7M to creditors, child support and alimony. Unfortunately, most of his assets are tied up in material things, like 240 pairs of Jordans. [EURweb]

  • Plans for an Aretha Franklin biopic have been put on hold. Franklin is said to be recording new music under the watchful eye of Clive Davis. She told reporters at her 70th birthday party that the film was “in a limbo position.” [EURweb]


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