Coffee Talk: Christina Milian Is Engaged!
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See what we’re chatting about over plain black coffee:

• Christina Milian is engaged! A source close to the singer confirmed the news. Milian’s longtime boyfriend Jas Prince reportedly popped the question back in the spring. Milian recently made headlines when she announced her departure from NBC’s The Voice as their social media correspondent. It’s rumored that she’ll join the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. [People]

• Justin Timberlake says he wants to the play the Riddler opposite Ben Affleck in the upcoming Batman film. He told Fresh 102.7’s Jim & Kim Morning Show, “The Riddler was like a sociopath. He was proper crazy. So if I’m gonna play crazy, I wanna play proper crazy… I’m ready. The Riddler. Give me a call!” Timberlake also said he’s not interested in playing Robin, so don’t bring it up! [People]

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• Dennis Rodman is heading back to North Korea. The former basketball star says he’s returning to the country to visit his “friend” Kim Jong-un. Rodman says he’s not planning to discuss freeing Kenneth Bae, despite speculation. “I’m just going there on another basketball diplomacy tour,” he shared. “Rodman made headlines back in February when he visited North Korea and was seen alongside the “Supreme Leader” during numerous events. [Hollywood Reporter]

• Romeo says he’s thankful to be alive after enduring a terrible car crash Friday night. The entertainment star was on his way to LAX when he and a friend were hit by a speeding car. Romeo was asleep in the passenger seat where the car was struck. He was treated and released hours later. Romeo told TMZ, “I could have been gone. I got into a collision, 70 mph, on my side of the car… I walked out like Moses.” [TMZ]