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Coffee Talk: Beyonce Donated Qaddafi Concert Money

Check out why we're adding a little flavor to our morning brew: Aretha Franklin shares how she lost 85 pounds, Prince is being sued for $700K, Chris Brown planned to meet MJ the day he died, and Beyonce released a statement detailing that she donated her $1 million from the Qaddafi family to Haiti... Here's what you had to say: Monica commented via Facebook: "No matter how you look at it, she and other entertainers should be careful about who they entertain." Miiz wrote via Facebook: "I would not have donated my money. It was good money for services she provided."


Check out why we’re adding a little flavor to our morning brew:

  • There’s been much back and forth on whether Beyonce should donate the $1 million she earned for performing for the Qaddafi family in 2009. According to the Associated Press, Beyonce donated her money to Haiti relief more than a year ago. Now we need to investigate if Mariah Carey and 50 Cent have done the same. The Libyan family is currently being investigated for war crimes. [Fox News]

  • Prince is being sued by a law firm for unpaid legal fees. He allegedly owes $700K dating back to 2006 when he divorced his then-wife Manuela Testolini (now engaged to Eric Benet). [Urban Daily]

  • Aretha Franklin opened up about how she lost 85lbs. She told Wendy Williams she needed to cut out hot sauce and pig’s feet. “It’s just really hard. [But] you can’t continue eating things that will hurt you eventually,” said Franklin. [People]

  • Chris Brown shared a fascinating tidbit of news yesterday. He was planning to meet Michael Jackson the day he died. “Me and Jamie Foxx were going to see him and (then someone called) and they were like, ‘Hold up. He didn’t show up yet.’ And then we got the call later (saying that Jackson had died) and it was devastating.” [Perez Hilton]

  • Michael Vick just signed a great deal with the Philadelphia Eagles making him a franchise player. The raise in salary you ask? He’s now making $20 million per year — a far cry from the $5.25 million he was earning. [Black Voices]

  • Nia Long co-hosted “The View” this week and made it a point to thank Whoopi Goldberg for giving her a little advice 18 years ago. Goldberg advised her to develop “a second layer of skin” which toughened her up. The two worked together on Long’s first movie “Made in America.” [Clutch Magazine]

  • HP and the Lebron James Family Foundation are donating 1,000 HP computers to Boys & Girls Clubs of America! “Our goal is to empower young people and have access to state-of-the-art computers and technology to learn and prepare for career success,” said James. Fantastic!