Coffee Talk: A Second Aaliyah Biopic in the Works, Penned by Zane

Happy Friday! Here’s what we’re talking about over our green machine health shake smoothies:

A second Aaliyah biopic is in the works. Completely separate from the Lifetime film about the “One in a Million” singer, this one will be written by author Zane and will be released in theaters in 2015. It will also feature a different cast, including Singer B.Simone as the late Aaliyah. Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson, is part of the production, which will also feature never-before-released music. So far, Terrence Howard and Wood Harris are two names that have been floating around as potential co-stars. Which Aaliyah biopic are you more excited about? [S2SMagazine]

Poet Daniel J. Watts led a group of 100 Broadway stars in a gathering to honor Eric Garner. The group got together outside of the police station in Times Square, while Watts recited the poem titled “I Can’t Breathe,” in reference to the brutallity Garner faced. [TheGrio]

Russell Simmons and LL Cool J made a visit to Rikers Island to leave some of the young inmates with words of encouragement. Simmons’ RushCard is launching a national anti-violence program which will provide neighborhood organization with grants. One of those programs is LIFE Camp, which works in places like Rikers to reduce violence. [NewsOne]

Ballerina Misty Copeland collaborated with Under Armour to create a killer ad, revolved around the brand’s new message: “I Will What I Want.” The American Ballet Theatre soloist is seen dancing on pointe, while a young girl reads a rejection letter which tells her that she has “the wrong body for ballet.” Copeland spends the second half of the ad proving them wrong. Watch the ad and get inspired. [HuffingtonPost]

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