Corianna and Brianna Dotson have established a funky style repertoire in the fashion and entertainment industry, using their label Coco & Beezy as a platform to display their design prowess. Nicki Minaj, Ashanti, Kelly Rowland and Ciara have worn C&B shades. Most recently Beyonce was spotted wearing a C&B armband in the “Move Your Body” video for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to prevent childhood obesity.

Often adored for their futuristic accessories, it’s no surprised that the 20-years-old identical twin sisters would look out for their generation’s future.

They’re passing down their style and street cred to the kids with an affordable children’s jewelry line called C&&B For Kids. The label’s new edition features lil’ versions of the adult collection including the Lil Beamer and Lil Uni. Not only will your kids make a statement with their grades but with their style too when rocking out C&&B bright accessories in the next school year.