When it comes to living a fashionable life, choreographer and creative director Fatima Robinson is in her own lane, all styled up in designer outfits and glammed-up vintage finds. The Arkansas born LA-bred tastemaker has created moves for almost every artist that matters– including Aaliyah, Rihanna, Mary J Blige and Jennifer Hudson. But she is best known for choreographing Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” video and the movie, “Dreamgirls.” Last year she became the second African American woman to choreograph the Oscars (Debbie Allen was the first) and she recently wrapped up creating moves for Sade’s “Soldier of Love” video. She’s also the creative director for the Black Eyed Peas. Fatima’s passion for creative expression is not limited to dance, and it shows in her distinctive wardrobe. Her mantelpiece may be full of accolades, but ESSENCE.com would like to add one more for stunning personal style. The stylish jet-setting 38-year-old is equally comfortable dishing on the virtues of a good wardrobe as she is dancing. “Dancers have always been trendsetters,” she says. ” “They know how to put their clothes and colors together very well and they’re really fashion-forward so it makes sense to me for these two to meet in my life.” A self-confessed shoe snob, Fatima lives in her Christian Louboutins. “They make you fell so sexy and gorgeous,” she says,”but I have to say they’re truly the most uncomfortable shoes.” Thanks to an often grueling schedule that had her in Japan four times last year and in London and Paris in the last couple of months, Fatima gets to shop all over the world. “I love that I’m able to find unique pieces all over the world,” she says. I especially love all my Vivienne Westwood pieces. They’re just so different and whenever I’m in London that’s the one store that I have to stop at.” But all her love for high-end designers like Westwood and Rick Owens are not to say you won’t find this stylish mom (to 9-year-old Xuly) searching through a thrift store bin. “If I’m in Oklahoma I’ll go to a Goodwill and find some pants that look like Stella McCartney,” she jokes, “but Im not a full vintage girl. You have to mix it. You gotta have a fabulous bag and a fabulous shoe and great jewelry to mix it with.” Much like her unique fashion sense, perhaps what is most inspiring about Fatima is that she is entirely self-made. “The way I fell into choreography was on my own merit,” she explains. “I came from the hip hop generation and really didn’t know what it was to choreograph an artist so it was something that I taught myself along the way. I’ve always had a mind set of doing things that work for me and not necessarily what works for other people.” “I’ve always followed my instincts and they’ve never led me wrong.” Judging by her inspired style, we’re sure the same attitude prevails when it’s time to pick something to wear. Read More: