We’ve been experiencing serious Tracee Ellis Ross withdrawal ever since “Girlfriends,” went off air.

Our weekly ritual of dissecting her character Joan’s on-screen wardrobe and style pales in comparison to the occasional paparazzi spotting — for which we wait with bated breath — of Ross’s equally real-life fashionable ensembles.

While Joan may have been anal to a fault and corny at times, she never missed a beat when it came to looking tres chic. She blew us away with an elegant array of well-cut suits, high-waisted pants with wide hems, draped leather jackets, towering heels and, of course, her signature pencil skirts that fit her amazing figure like a glove.

The same goes for Tracee.

Joan’s on-screen taste clearly crossed over into Tracee’s personal wardrobe, or was it vice versa? From her affinity for bright hued lips — years before it was deemed trendy and safe — to her daring mix of colors and prints, and her eye for wearable fashion-forward silhouettes, Tracee has made it onto Hollywood’s best dressed list without the aid of a stylist.

We bet Tracee, who worked as a fashion editor for both New York Magazine and the defunct Mirabella before embarking on to a career in Hollywood, would have excelled in the world of fashion with her trendsetting style. With a mother like Diana Ross, breaking the rules with flying colors comes easy to Tracee.

Her closet, which she refers to as “the happy place with all the treasures,” is one we’d definitely want to raid! Check out our September cover’s girl’s style.

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