Sneaking out to the club as a teen may not be such a bad thing. All-night parties at Atlanta’s reggae, ska and electro clubs is how Rashida Robinson, popularly known as DJ Rashida, was exposed to a passion that became her profession: disc-jockeying. Years later, those experiences have morphed her into an internationally renowned DJ who tours with Prince and is featured on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.” The talented DJ is also a bold fashionista whose became as famous for what she wears to the booth as what she plays while there. Rashida explains her style and career in our latest Closet Envy Q&A… What does a day in your life look like?   DJ RASHIDA: Wow, it really all depends. Usually I’m traveling. Beside my own gigs, I’ve been on tour with Kelis for the last nine months so there hasn’t been too much downtime for me as of late. I’m actually on a flight right now from New York to L.A., so since I haven’t slept yet, I guess my day started yesterday (with me not sleeping the night before from another gig), taking a plane to JFK Airport in New York City and then a limo to Atlantic City in New Jersey. I picked up a couple friends, we had dinner, and then I got dressed to play at mur.mur in the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City from midnight to three a.m. I was back in the car at five a.m and now I’m here, on my way back to L.A. Do you have to dress a certain way to keep up with that type of schedule? DJ RASHIDA: I like hooded jackets and comfy bottoms for the plane, train or automobiles. Shoes and boots that slide off easily. I definitely buy clothes just for travel. It’s very chic bum. People don’t automatically think of “glam” when they think of DJs, so are folks ever surprised that you are so feminine and glam in your style? DJ RASHIDA: Most people know how I get down, but I have had people ask me before, “So, do you dress like this all the time?” or “Did they dress you for the event?” How would you describe your personal style?                     DJ Rashida: Mixed media! Has it evolved over the years? DJ RASHIDA: Oh, absolutely! I’m a tomboy at heart, so there was a time when I was collecting sneakers and high-end trainers instead of heels and boots. I would say my style is def more “lady” now, but i’ve always liked what I like. I still have that tomboy sensibility, too. One of my favorite looks is the “Femme Dandy.” This involves tailored suits and hats, etc. What is your favorite item in your closet? DJ RASHIDA: There are too many to name, but my current favorite is a bright blue Courreges vinyl jacket i picked up while in Paris a while ago. I still haven’t worn it as I’m waiting for it to have its “moment.” What are some of your favorite sites/retailers? DJ RASHIDA: My friends Boxing Kitten , Greyant, Lotta Stennson , Sirens & Sailors, Noir jewelery, Petrozilia and vintage shops like New World Order, The Way We Wore, & Resurrection. Then there are my “on the low low” vintage shops that have not yet been pillaged. Also, whenever im in a pinch I will  hit up my tailor or agent provocateur. You would be amazed at how easy it is to add new life to your whole wardrobe with the good underwear and tailoring. Any tips for readers out there who love your style and want to draw from it? DJ RASHIDA: I dress depending on how i feel that day, literally. Dress for your own personal enjoyment or entertainment. Know thyself and what works on you and your body. Before we wrap, any other sites we can check out to see more of your personal style? DJ RASHIDA: Yes! Check out, and you can always follow me on Twitter,!