Broadway actress and dancer Karine Plantadit dreamed of being a dancer since getting her hands on a bootleg version of “Fame” while living in Cameroon as a little girl. Following years of training in Africa and France, where she also grew up, Plantadit studied and later became a soloist at Alvin Ailey, starred in the original Broadway production of “Lion King,” “Saturday Night Fever” and “Movin’ Out.” Most recently, Plantadit earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her electrifying performance in Twyla Tharp’s “Come Fly Away.” While her coveted and flourishing career has Plantadit’s star shinning bright, her eclectic and sensual fashion sense is giving us a bad case of closet envy. Karine Plantadit chats with ESSENCE.com about her love of silk, her favorite designer and why being able to move in her clothes is key. ESSENCE.com: How would you describe your style? KARINE PLANTADIT: Feminine, edgy and flowy. I’ve always loved this style. ESSENCE.com: What one item of clothing best represents you? PLANTADIT: I love a lot of materials that float — I love dresses that have movement — it can dance around me and dance with the wind. I love that. I have a white summer dress I bought in France ten years ago — tight around the breast and then opens up like a flower. In the winter I love my five quilted snowsuits which became my fashion statement — I have them in fuchsia, blue, red, white and brown. ESSENCE.com: Who are your style icons?   PLANTADIT: Someone like Babe Paley has style that is inspiring to me. It’s feminine yet full of energy. She was so naturally striking. ESSENCE.com: Who are your favorite designers? PLANTADIT: Miguelina has been dressing me in fabulous outfits through awards season. I totally connect with the colors she chooses, the striking lines and slick silk material. She makes me feel very feminine and playful at the same time. Her clothes have a sense of humor. You think you see more than you really can — it’s all about motion and emotion. She has her own store Miguelina in Manhattan. ESSENCE.com: What will you never be caught dead in? PLANTADIT: Ugly shoes. ESSENCE.com: What are some of your latest purchases? PLANTADIT: A fabulous Miguelina black silk jumpsuit cut down to the navel.  Very ’70s.  I love it. ESSENCE.com: What are you dying to get your hands on? PLANTADIT: My very own Verdura jewels and a Jean Paul Gaultier dress. ESSENCE.com: What is your fool-proof outfit that always makes you feel your best?  PLANTADIT: A black skirt with a slit, a black top and a scarf. Very French. ESSENCE.com: Why do you love clothes and fashion? PLANTADIT: Because they are an extension of me. I am an artist and fashion is an art form.  ESSENCE.com: Is there a look you wish you could pull off? PLANTADIT: A Mohawk or dye my hair completely blond.