Erica Reid, wife of music industry honcho L.A. Reid, cherishes shopping alone. It’s one of the few moments when she can completely indulge in some precious ‘me’ time. “I don’t want the kids saying, ‘Can we go now?'” she says. The former schoolteacher didn’t acquire a closet full of thoroughly fabulous and smart clothes without being focused during her shopping outings. This fashionista’s number one rule when she steps into any boutique is never spend too much time mulling over anything. She knows what she wants, when she sees it.   If something doesn’t speak to her immediately, then she keeps it moving. This way she can always count on looking effortless and feeling comfortable in her ensembles. So what exactly inspires Reid to pull out her charge card? Well, nothing less than singular pieces that showcase her spotless style.   Reid draws inspiration from haute couture to 60s mod. She keeps things interesting by opting for unique shapes and lengths. We admire how her looks come across as classic but are still very of-the-moment. She pulls this off wisely by carefully editing the season’s trends and mixing them with traditional pieces for an uptown-meets-downtown look that is perfect for the many music exclusive industry events she attends and hosts.   Check out this fashion-phile’s impossibly chic wardrobe and get ready to be inspired!