Model and (soon-to-be) reality TV star Cynthia Bailey is confident about her style. She knows what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and what she won’t be caught dead in. Her camera-savvy style flawlessly mixes high and low-end pieces, and she is even turning one of her wardrobe obsessions, head scarves, into her own line that she plans to launch in 2011. We’ll all get to go behind closed doors on the upcoming season of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but until then, let’s satisfy our style sweet tooth with a peek into Cynthia’s closet. How would you describe your style? CYNTHIA BAILEY: Classic, simple, comfortable with a little bit of edge, but still timeless. What does style mean to you? BAILEY: Feeling beautiful and confident in whatever I wear regardless of the price tag. Also, really owning your own personal style by not being afraid to go “right” when everyone else is going “left.” What are your go-to staple pieces? BAILEY: Black turtleneck, and black jeans or black slacks. What singular clothing item best represents you? BAILEY: Head scarves. I have hundreds of them. What items are splurge-worthy and why? BAILEY: Bags, shoes, boots and coats. But I will not pay more than $600 for any of them. I will happily wait until they end up at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale. And then it’s on! What is your favorite item right now and why? BAILEY: An organic cotton, bluish-gray colored, extra long, extra wide, neck scarf from H&M. It’s so soft, machine washable, and it only cost $8.00. I won’t get on an airplane without it! How would you suggest balancing high-end and low-end? BAILEY: I just like to mix it all up. I will throw in a little J.Crew with Chanel in a heartbeat. I would never do one designer look from head to toe. That’s just way too predictable. What’s a must for you every day? What would you never leave the house without? BAILEY: A neck scarf, lip balm, cell phone, and some cash. How do you tie in your work wear with your casual going-out clothes? BAILEY: I am a model, so my work wear is whatever I feel like that day. And if I want to make it more casual, I can dress it down with a pair of flats, low top Converse, or Dr. Martens.  Flip-flops work as well. Whose closet do you envy? BAILEY: Well, that’s easy: Kate Moss. I just love how she makes it look so easy to put pieces together. Even though she always looks hot, she still looks comfortable. Now that’s a shopping buddy that I would love to have! How big is your closet? BAILEY: About half the size of a standard bedroom, but I wish it was the size of a full standard bedroom — closets can never be too big! Describe some of your all-time favorite pieces and why you love them? BAILEY: A vintage white wicker purse — it works with everything. An Rodrigo Otazu oversized handbag — all of his things are so original. A black and gold vintage head scarf, I’m just obsessed with it. A pair of H&M slim extra long jeans — cheap and the fit is great, plus they make you look skinny. Enough said. White V Neck small Hanes T-shirts. What will you never be caught dead in? BAILEY: Mynx nails and bedazzled eye make-up What are some of your latest purchases? BAILEY: Just got a pair of navy blue, satin Christian Louboutin shoes and a really cute purse from Club Monaco. What are you dying to get your hands on? BAILEY: A really fierce, vintage poncho. What is the foolproof outfit that always makes you feel your best? BAILEY: These two Jean Paul Gauthier sundresses that he designed for Target. They are so cute and make me feel so special when I wear them. I have worn them to death! How do you deal with the avalanche of trends? BAILEY: I am a trendsetter. I don’t follow trends, I start them!