Clive Davis: A Whitney Houston Live Album Is Coming Soon
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Veteran industry producer Clive Davis has exciting news for fans of late, great singer Whitney Houston—a live album is in the works and it will be released later this year.

The LA Times caught up with Davis at the Beverly Hills Hotel where he hosts the industry’s biggest pre-Grammy party of the year. It’s also the same hotel where two years ago his longtime mentee and friend Whitney Houston passed away on the eve of the 2012 Grammy Awards. Davis, 81, doesn’t want the world to forget the mark Houston left on the music industry and he revealed plans for an exciting new project in the works—a live album featuring Houston’s greatest performances.

“Whitney never had a live album,” he said. “I really want everyone to know … exactly why during her time she was considered the greatest contemporary singer in the world.

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Davis is still mourning the loss of his dear friend but he believe this new album will mean a lot to those who loved Houston and cherished her music.

“It’s a revelation to hear her,” he said. “But listening to her, the tragedy hits you again, so there are a lot of mixed emotions this brings up.

Davis said the album will be released later this year. He’s currently reviewing all of her old performance recordings in search of the best of the best.

“It’s a revelation: You really hear how astonishing and powerful and compelling she was in a way that wasn’t captured on the studio albums or in her movie performances,” Davis adds.

Are you excited for a Whitney Houston live album? Which of her many epic live performances is your all-time favorite? Tell us below!