4 Classic Black TV Shows We All Wish Were Still On the Air
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If you grew up watching TV in the 90’s or early 2000’s, then this post will definitely hit home for you. When you think back to this time period, what are some things that stick out in your mind? For me, it is always the unforgettable music, fashion trends and of course the TV shows that changed my life forever.

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In the age of reality TV and social media, I feel that there is so much attention on negativity and false pretenses that it is becoming increasingly hard for me to watch anymore. I miss the old days when television shows actually reflected what was going on in our communities, and in our everyday lives as young people of color. So, I guess you can say that I have been suffering from a bit of nostalgia, and I wanted to share my sentiments because I know you will understand where I’m coming from. 

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If I had it my way, there are four shows that dominated TV screens in the 90’s and early 2000’s I would bring back to make it all right again. 

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If this was not one of your favorite shows growing up, then I don’t know what was. Moesha, played by Brandy Norwood, was a perfect example of a young Black woman growing up in the 90’s. She was smart, talented, beautiful and trying to define herself and life on her own terms. This show was so important to our culture because it showed Black people in a positive light, and the characters were all so dynamic in their own way.  We had the opportunity to watch Moesha go from high school to college, growing with her and even aspiring to reach bigger educational goals for ourselves. She was so relatable, and she inspired many girls who watched the show.

College Hill:

This was such a dynamic show because it encouraged a lot of Black students to go to college, and even inspired them to believe that higher education wasn’t this far-fetched dream. Unlike scripted reality television shows today that focus on vanity and drama, College Hill revealed the true experiences of college students and it also brought more awareness to HBCUs. 


In my opinion, this show influenced the way people viewed Black women as a collective unit. It was so amazing to see four educated women who had their struggles, as we all do, but were successful and game changing. It showed that Black women don’t come in one make-up, we are very diverse and very influential.

The Parkers:

A positive show that was so great because of its representation of a supportive and positive mother-daughter relationship. It also drove home the idea that you are never too old for school, and also the importance of going.

What are some shows that you wish would come back on TV? Drop your list below.
Malia T. Brown is an ESSENCE College Ambassador, writer and on-air personality. She attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and majors in Political Science and Journalism. She reports on beauty, pop culture, and lifestyle news.