Claire Sulmers Dishes on Fashion Regrets, Diversity and the Future of Fashion Bomb Daily
Robin Lori

Claire Sulmers, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily was on hand during the 2016 ESSENCE Festival to dish on her top beauty confessions, but it turns out she had some tea to spill when it came to fashion too.

The style maven may be picture perfect now but she says there was a time where she was still trying to figure out her style.

“For a moment I was trying out a lot of different things, and it was just figuring out what you like. I used to be extremely preppy. Like, J Crew was my favorite store. There were times where readers would log on and be like ‘you look terrible.”

Now that her experimental phase has passed and she’s made her mark on the fashion industry, Sulmers says she’s ready to expand and make a bigger impact.

“I’m definitely moving into the mogul direction. Being more charitable, giving back. Also, understanding that there’s still a very serious diversity issue in the fashion community and that’s something that inspired me to start Fashion Bomb Daily. So being more hands on and increasing that diversity.”

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Claire spoke on the glaring lack of exposure and support for Black designers, revealing that she has an answer to the problem.

“I’m building a 501c3 called Claire Cares that mentors Black designers and get gets them funding to put on their runway shows. We’re having even more events where people can ask industry insiders for advice. We already have Cocktails With Claire but we’re going to continue to expand.”

When it comes to the future Claire shared her vision saying,” we’re looking to do a print edition.”

We can’t wait to have Fashion Bomb Daily on our coffee tables!