Cissy Houston wants the world to know that there are two sides to every story.

Less than one day after Bobby Brown appeared on 20/20, where he revealed private details about his marriage to Whitney Houston, Cissy has issued a statement to People slamming Brown’s behavior following her daughter’s untimely death.

How Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston Fell in Love

“I am deeply disappointed that this interview to promote the story of Bobby’s life seemed to be more of an exposé on Whitney’s life,” Cissy said. “My problem with Bobby has always been that he became her husband, but not her helpmate or protector.” 

During Tuesday night’s 20/20 special, Brown was originally supposed to promote his upcoming memoir, Every Little Step. However, Cissy says that much of the interview was focused on Whitney, her drug abuse and their tumultuous marriage. She couldn’t help but wonder why Brown’s own upbringing was absent from his talking points.

“Although the interview was supposed to promote HIS autobiography, he never spoke about his parents and siblings and any issues they might have or have had that impacted and may continue to impact on ‘Every Little Step’ he takes,” she said. “Instead, he chose to concentrate his comments primarily on Whitney.”

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Cissy points to a televised interview on The Oprah Show, when Whitney accused Brown of spitting in her face. Brown remained silent on the claims.

“Whether I would have chosen Bobby for my daughter’s husband is not important because the choice was not mine to make,” Cissy said. “She loved him and I believe him when he says he loved her. I only wish he had loved and respected her enough to make some of the negative statements about her and Krissi while Whitney was alive and able to respond from her perspective.”