Cissy Houston: Raising Bobbi Kristina Is a Challenge
Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, made an appearance on The View  yesterday to discuss the challenge of raising her granddaughter, Bobbi Kristina. 

“When you have a teenager who’s 19-years-old, who loses her mother and really don’t feel like she has to listen… you can’t make anybody do anything,” she said. “You try to suggest and you try to guide her and all that kind of business and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do, trying to guide her into a life that’s going to make her better.”

Cissy appeared on the daytime talk show with her daughter-in-law, and Whitney’s former manger, Pat Houston. She revealed that one of her biggest concerns for Bobbi Kristina is her drinking. Although Pat said there is no hard liquor involved, she admitted that Whitney let her 19-year-old daughter have an occasional glass of wine. 

“She’s not in trouble as it relates to drinking. I had concerns seeing her, sitting there watching her. I don’t like it at all, but this was her reality even before her mother passed,” Pat said. “I don’t like it but we are working on it.”

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When Sherri Shepherd asked Cissy if she was concerned that Bobbi Kristina may go down the same path as her mother, she said, “I guess she could if she keeps doing what she is doing.” 

Cissy said she wasn’t able to be around her granddaughter a lot because she was always on tour with Whitney, but in response to her father, Bobby Brownwho was recently arrested for his second alcohol-related offense this yearCissy said, “It’s all in her path so I hope not.”

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