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Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder Reveal the Key to Having a Fulfilling Sisterhood in the New Year

From what sisterhood really means to the importance of building a circle of friends you can depend on, the Quann twins weigh in on creating the best sisterhood possible in 2016.
Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder Reveal the Key to Having a Fulfilling Sisterhood in the New Year

The Quann Sisters are It-Girls to say the least. From making photograhers stop in their tracks at fashion week to creating original music and running popular blog Urban Bush Babes, they’re a force to be reckoned with. We spoke to the identical twins about sisterhood and how we can make the best of our relationships with our sisters this year, whether they’re blood-related or not. From showing unconditional love to the importance of building a circle of friends you can depend on, the Quann twins weigh in on making the best of your sisterhood in 2016.

Unconditional Love is the Key to Sisterhood

Cipriana: ALWAYS show unconditional love everyday…EVERYDAY and be the kind of woman that your sister (whether blood or not) can always unequivocally trust, depend on for support and motivation. 

TK: Same tip every year. Love each other unconditionally. I will ALWAYS have my sister’s back no matter what is going on in my life.

On What Sisterhood Means

Cipriana: Sisterhood means an impenetrable force. A place where you feel safe and protected because you know who or those surround you only have your best interests at heart, showing it through unconditional love everyday.

TK: Being positive, loving considerate, supportive and kind to one another.

Cultivating Relationships With Likeminded Women is Imperative

Cipriana: More important than words can ever express! Seeing women succeed in what they truly want to do or be not only makes my heart sing and happy like a kid on a snow school day, but it inspires me. Supporting one another is how we can all rise regardless of the limitations some might try to place. People think success is this exclusive club that only a few can possess…that could be further from the truth. Yes, it might take others much longer and harder to achieve their goals due to past circumstances, but the past does not define you, we have to be more than our excuses. 

Cultivating relationships with women who not only talk the talk but walk the walk creates a window for others to see it is possible! This window in return creates a world that inspires and inspiring others is how we can create real change…just by doing what you love. Supporting women to believe in themselves is the backbone of what we do which is why working with my sister is a match made in heaven. 

TK: A support system that creates an ambience of positivity is imperative. This system exhorts women to be strong, intelligent and considerate. Not everyone has a healthy support system and sometimes the result is negative energy towards one another. The derivative of a healthy support system isn’t necessarily a large circle of friends, could be a circle of one, but it’s important to recognize which relationships are healthy ones before they are cultivated. Nurture those relationships with love, an open ear and encouraging one another in the best way possible.

On What They Admire About Each Other

Cipriana: Her intelligence, her motivation her compassion, her beauty, her strength but most of all she stands by her word! She has shown me what it takes to have the courage to do something you love regardless of naysayers and the power of self belief…when you believe in yourself that is power no one can take from you. 

Also her positivity not only to me but to others is breathless. To see and be surround by that daily is a force I gladly will reckon with for the rest of my life. 

TK: What don’t I admire about this woman?! Her character, strength and resilience to overcome hardships. She is breathtakingly amazing and I could not ask for a better sister.