Schumer ‘Worried’ That Trump Will Shut Down Government Over Impeachment

The nation’s capital is already a hot mess with the ongoing contention sparked by the House’s impeachment inquiry…but what if there was a government shutdown to contend with as well?

Apparently, that is Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s greatest fear currently, as he vocally expressed his “concern” that Trump might shut down the government in order to distract from the impeachment proceedings, according to Politico.

“I’m increasingly worried that President Trump will want to shut down the government again because of impeachment,” the New York Democrat said on Tuesday. “He always likes to create diversions. I hope and pray he won’t want to cause another government shutdown because it might be a diversion away from impeachment.”

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The government is currently funded through Nov. 21, but on Nov. 22, without any action, the government will shut down. Currently, Schumer and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) are at odds with each other over the government funding.

Republicans say that the government will not shut down, but, as Politico notes, that is what they said last year before the longest government shutdown in history was launched, over Democrats’ refusal to give Trump the money for his ill-fated border wall that he refuses to get over.

In the meantime, Trump has been tweeting up a storm about the impeachment inquiry, blasting Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the media alike.


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