Colorado Radio Host Fired For Saying He Wanted A ‘Nice School Shooting’ To Interrupt Impeachment Coverage

A radio talk host in Denver, Colorado, put his entire leg down his mouth after quipping that he would like “a nice school shooting” to distract from “the never-ending impeachment of Donald Trump,” ABC News reports.

Needless to say, Chuck Bonniwell’s crass and horrific suggestion drew immediately backfire, as he was quickly booted by the radio station, mere hours after a father who lost his son in a school shooting in Colorado back in May called for his firing.

“I’m furious that anybody in media or politics would suggest a school shooting to distract from a presidential impeachment or any other rhetoric in the media,” John Castillo, the father of STEM School Highlands Ranch senior Kendrick Castillo who was killed back in May, told ABC.

According to the report, Bonniwell, who co-hosted the show on KNUS 710 AM with his wife Julie Hayden, made the comments on Tuesday afternoon upon returning from a commercial break.

Hayden quickly tried to cut him off.

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“No, no, don’t even say that!” Hayden said. “Don’t call us! Chuck didn’t say that.”

Except he did, and Bonniwell seemed to try and sidestep his own egregious comments, saying that he was referencing shoots in “which no one would be hurt.”

Too little too late though, and by Wednesday night, both Bonniwell and Hayden were out.

“Given the history of school violence that has plagued our community, 710 KNUS confirms that an inappropriate comment was made on the Chuck & Julie show by co-host Chuck Bonniwell,” the station said in a statement. “A programming decision was made to end the program immediately.”

In a statement on Twitter, Bonniwell claimed that the inappropriate comment was “meant as a joke,” before adding “I’m sorry it was not received that way”….with no further apology.