On Monday, after being held in a Kenosha County Jail in Wisconsin for over two years, child sex trafficking survivor Chrystul Kizer was released on bond.

Kizer, who allegedly killed her sex trafficker, received the $400,000 bond after it was raised by community groups that included the Chrystul Kizer Defense Committee, Chicago Community Bond Fund, Milwaukee Freedom Fund and Survived & Punished, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

When Kizer was 16-years-old she met Randall P. Volar III, 33, after allegedly posting an ad looking to make money for school and supplies. At the time of his killing, Volar was already under investigation for sexual conduct of girls under 12. In 2018, at the age of 17, Kizer allegedly shot and killed Volar, and her bail was originally set at $1 million. 

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In January, in a statement to ESSENCE, Kizer’s attorneys stated that Judge David P. Wilk ruled against their motion regarding the affirmative defense for human trafficking and child trafficking victims under Wisconsin statute 939.46(1m).

“Judge Wilk ruled against our motion, indicating that section 939.46(1m)’s affirmative defense is available only to people charged with human trafficking. He ruled it is not allowed for any other charges.  We advocated for a much broader reading of the statute and believe the language of the statute supports our interpretation. If our motion was granted, it would have assisted Chrystul in her case,” the attorneys stated.