If you’re any shade darker than a band-aid, then you definitely understand the struggle of finding a “nude” that is in fact “nude”; as in, “flesh tone”; as in, “the freaking color of my actual skin.”

Christian Louboutin Unveils Nude Pumps For All Skin Tones

Well, never fear Christian Louboutin is here. The iconic, red-bottom shoe brand has just expanded its 2013 “Nudes Collection,” which accommodates darker skin tones, to a fabulous new line of ballet flats called the Solasofia Flat. While the collection intially featured five shades — No. 1 “Lea Nue,” No. 2 “Matilda,” No. 3 “Nats,” No. 4 “Maya,” No. 5 “Safki,” –- this week the company debuted it’s deepest hues to date No. 6 “Ada,” and No. 7 “Toudou.”

Christian Louboutin Launches Lipstick Collection

So which shoe hue best fits you, ladies? Are you an “Iriza Ada,” a “Solasofia Maya,” or a “Senora Toudou”?!

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