Chrisette Michele Believes Boycotts and Marches Are Not the Answer
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Singer-songwriter, Chrisette Michele tweets the disclaimer,  “I’m no #politicalgenius,” together with a lengthy post about how Black Americans should organize politically.

Michele believes that boycotts and marches are no longer effective and proposes that rather than participating in these archaic forms of protest, protesters’ time would be better spent sending Black boys to college and becoming the most “civilized” we have ever been.

According to Michele, “If you want to see change, speak with educated voices that we couldn’t afford before…. Action is the well spoken. It is not chaos.”

In responding to a fan, the singer clarified that she wonders what new tactics can be used to further the cause, failing to realize that she’s speaking from the very platform that began the conversation of #BlackLivesMatter.

The conversation turned movement of #BlackLivesMatter has brought attention to the killings and general abuse of power to which Black men and women have been subjected. The conversation no longer ends when the marching is over, but continues in real time with immense reach.

But what do I know? Like Chrisette Michele, I too, am no #politcialgenius. 

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