Chris Brown and Rihanna are back in the headlines. This time it’s because Chris sent a public tweet to his ex last night — which may have been intended to be sent as a direct message. Of course, once the tweet was spotted by one — or many — of Chris’ 3 million Twitter followers, the blogosphere lit up with speculation that the ex-lovers were indeed back in touch.

Chris tweeted to Rihanna, “You got that pic I sent you?” Neither camp has come forward to publicly address the message, although many followers are wondering what photo Chris sent. Yes, it may have been an innocent shot of himself, but with all the leaked photo scandals going on these days, could Chris have tweeted something more?

This also raises the question of why these two would use such a public medium to send messages in the first place? With all eyes on the two, a text message or BBM could have done the trick. Hopefully, Chris and Rihanna have learned their lesson.