Chris Brown is in the middle of promoting his latest album, “F.A.M.E.,” but his antics at ABC’s “Good Morning America” are all everyone’s talking about. Lucky for him, ABC has decided not to file charges after he allegedly smashed a dressing room window at ABC’s Times Square studios…

If ABC had filed charges, it would have jeopardized Brown’s parole from his 2009 felony assault against Rihanna.

On GMA this morning, Roberts said she was surprised by Brown’s reaction, but added that she admired his talent and extended an invitation for his return. “We’d love to have him back,” she said.

A source close to the 21-year-old singer tells People that he is “upset” that people won’t let him “move on from his past.” “Why can’t we focus on that? He makes great music and he loves his fans. He’s a good kid.”

Last night Brown seemed more upbeat about the state of things, tweeting, “Thank you to everyone who supports my music!!!” he wrote. “Key Word (music) !!! Love y’all.”


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