Chris Brown Transferred Into Federal Custody for D.C. Trial
Getty Images

Chris Brown has been taken into federal custody by the U.S. Marshals as they transport him to Washington D.C. for pre-trial hearings for his misdemeanor assault trial. 

Last week a judge authorized federal marshals to transport Brown to D.C. to stand trial for allegedly hitting a man who tried to take a photograph of him. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, attempted to block his transfer into U.S. Marshal custody, claiming that it would inhibit him from conferring with Brown prior to trial. Geragos also attempted to transport him to D.C. himself, but authorities removed Brown from his cell as the motion was filed.

The singer was recently put in jail in Los Angeles after being kicked out of a Malibu rehab facility on March 14 for allegedly touching a woman and refusing to take a drug test, both considered grounds for dismissal according to his “behavioral contract,” wrote the executive director of the facility.

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