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Coffee Talk: Chris Brown's 'F.A.M.E.' Debuts at No. 1

See why we're sipping rich vanilla coffee this morning: Oprah is giving up her studio and staff to Rosie O'Donnell, President Obama is expected to announce this candidacy for reelection, and Chris Brown's "F.A.M.E." debuts at the top spot of the Billboard charts...


See why we’re sipping rich vanilla coffee this morning:

  • After having a rough week, Chris Brown’s album “F.A.M.E.” unexpectedly debuted at the top spot on the Billboard charts. He sold a total of 237K copies while Jennifer Hudson’s “I Remember Me,” entered the charts at number two with 167K albums sold. Does this mean fans have forgiven Brown, or do you think his stunts helped sell records? [That Grape Juice]

  • Washington is buzzing with news that President Obama is set to announce his candidacy for reelection in the coming weeks. He’s planning to speak at a Chicago fundraiser on April 14th. Let’s hope he does plan to run for reelection. [Clutch Magazine]

  • Will Rosie O’Donnell take over as the new queen of daytime talk? It looks to be that way. Oprah has officially tapped O’Donnell to do a talk show that will debut on OWN this fall. Plus, Oprah is handing over her Chicago studio and staff to O’Donnell. Wow! This is shocking, but exciting to see someone trying to fill Lady O’s shoes. [New York Post]

  • In other Oprah news, she’s reaching out to big stars to do a makeover for one of her last shows. She reportedly reached out to Donald Trump to give him a makeover. She’s enticing guests by mentioning “the eyes of the world will be upon these episodes…” Trump could use a makeover. [New York Post]

  • Alicia Keys is looking to step behind the camera as a director. She’s agreed to direct a mini documentary about how breast cancer has affected lives, and it will air on Lifetime. “Project Five” as it’s called, has tapped a total of five women to produce documentaries, including Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston. [Pop Eater]

  • After winning this week’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice,” Lil Jon has donated his check to the Decateur, Georgia Children’s Home — the same home from which his brother and sister were adopted. He gave a total of $40,000 to the organization. [Boom Box]

  • Kimberly Elise, Naturi Naughton and Danny Glover are all set to star in an upcoming film called “Highland Park.” It’s about a group of faculty members for a Detroit school that work to improve their failing community. [Eurweb]
  • Up-and-coming actor Kwesi Boakye is making moves. He’s set to star along side Diddy as his son in the hit series “Hawaii Five-O.” Boakye is being called one of Hollywood’s rising stars — we can see the potential! [Ghanamma]