Chicago recently abolished its tampon tax, classifying the products as medical necessities, a move that people hope many cities and states will follow. 

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There’s been a ton of talk about why feminine hygiene products are taxed when they are an absolute necessity for women, while other products, specifically those geared towards men, like Rogaine and Viagra, which aren’t medical necessities, are tax exempt in some states. 

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Recently, though, New York City legislators announced that middle and high school girls will get free tampons and pads under a new bill led by councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland. In response to the news, Chirlane McCray, activist, poet, and wife of Mayor Bill DeBlasio, shared this ode to tampons titled “Tampons For All,” which she shared in a series of tweets:

Consider the tampon:

So essential, so taboo.

For decades we’ve been silent

Because they make some men go “Ew!”

But finally we are talking: 

We say is “Enough is enough.”

Menstruation is part of life, 

If you can’t handle it, then tough.

Our latest big win 

-And this really is cool- 

Is bringing free tampons 

To twenty-five schools.

It started with Council Member 

Julissa Ferreras-Copeland. 

She saw we needed more supply 

To match all the demand.

This is one small step for NYC 

And one giant leap for womankind. 

When it comes to menstruation 

We all deserve peace of mind.

Free tampons for high school and middle school students is a big step in the right direction, which will hopefully lead to a leap for free tampons for all.