A Chicago Boy Questioned His Teacher’s Account Of Christopher Columbus, And The Internet Said ‘Amen’
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King Johnson, a Chicago student who questioned the existence of Christopher Columbus Day, is having the best week ever.

In a viral journal entry originally posted to Facebook, the eight-year-old questions why his teacher is teaching the students lies about the 15th-century Italian explorer.

“Today was not a good learning day. Blah, blah, blah,” he wrote. “I only wanted to hear you not talking. You said something wrong and I can’t listen when I hear lies.”


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He then quotes a JAY-Z lyric about a fellow legendary rapper.

“My mom said that the only Christofer we acknowledge is Wallace. Because Columbus didn’t find our country, the Indians did. I like to have Columbus Day off, but I want you to not teach me lies. That is all.”

Closing his entry with one final question: “How can white people teach Black history?”

When asked by The Huffington Post about her incredibly woke son, Robin Johnson admits to teaching her son the truth about American history.

“I always use every moment as a teaching moment,” she said. “His first day off of school for Columbus Day, I decided to talk to him and his siblings about it because he asked why they didn’t have to attend school.”

And apparently being honest with him is paying off. 


“It makes me feel a lot more confident in myself,” he told HuffPost about the positive feedback from social media. “Some things that I may not feel comfortable saying I can now say with more courage and to know that I will be supported. All the compliments gave me a lot more courage.”

“It’s important, to tell the truth because the world should be full of trust and love.”

Truly a lesson worth continually sharing.