Chicago Police to Receive New Training on How to Assist Mentally Ill
Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new police task force includes an initiative to provide both officers and first responders with better tactics to help assist those with mental illness.

Chicago Cop Shoots Mentally Ill Teen and 55-Year-Old Grandmother

The new crisis reform will teach officers about the best ways to deescalate situations for those in crisis, Huffington Post reports.

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“Crisis Intervention Team” will provide a 40-hour training course to 2,800 officers, 12,000 cops will receive training on mental health awareness and 911 dispatchers will be taught how to better decipher situations that require crisis-intervention tactics.

Emanuel said that the program hopes to give all first responders “the right training, practice, and preparations to de-escalate crisis situations safely and effectively.”