If you’ve ever done the “big chop” or started locs that were only a few inches long, then you know how much anxiety can arise when you’re trying to grow out your natural hair. This conundrum is what prompted natural hair bloggers Chescalocs, Urban Bush Babes, Taren 916 and Hey Fran Hey to team up and divulge their never-before-shared secrets on how they grew long hair. 

Since the video hit the vlogosphere last week, the feedback has ranged from, “This is so freaking hilarious!” to “It’s a shame that people are still making condescending comments when it comes to Black women and our hair.”  We have to admit, among a few of our staffers who have hair types ranging from kinky afro curls to down-your-back extensions, we didn’t find anything negative about the video. We actually LOL’d several times over.

Watch the clip above and leave your feedback in the comments section! Is it funny or full-of-it? You tell us!