Cheers From Usain Bolt Fans Shut Down JFK Airport
Miquel Benitez/Getty Images

New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, the largest and most trafficked airport in New York, reported an active shooter on Sunday.

Massive panic and chaos erupted in terminals 1 and 8, reports the New York Post.

Police were called and armed officers searched through the premises as worried passengers were evacuated from the airport.

But it turns out, what was reported as gun fire, was in fact sounds of celebration.

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After investigating further, police concluded calls were made to the police department on Sunday around 9:30PM Eastern time — around the same time Usain Bolt sprinted across the finish to become the first person ever to win the 100-m sprint for the third consecutive Olympics.

Law enforcement are chalking up the false alarm to cheering, clapping and banging from fans inside the airport. 

This may seem like a far-fetch conclusion to some, but if you’ve ever been near the “Caribbean massive” during times of celebration, you’d know this story sounds just about right.