Charm School Student ID: Schatar “Hottie” Taylor

Expelled for: Allegedly stealing Leilene’s deceased mother’s photo.

On Saaphyri: When I agreed to do the show it was my understanding that the criteria to be judged was based on elegance, eloquence, social grace and professionalism. During the charity challenge at the thrift store, Saaphyri began throwing things and making a violent scene, which is dangerous; blew her nose on clothing, which is unsanitary; and cursed out the guys at the store and at the prom which is rude, so tell me are those charming qualities?

On who the `Charmed One’ really is: Because of my level of sophistication, I am saying the winner’s persona clearly reflects and defines the belief and opinions about young women that are held by the one who judged her. They should have thrown them all out and started all over. My fans, whom I love so much, and my family, who is very proud of my accomplishments, say that I am the Charmed One and I am somebody. I am always a winner in life and in living because I’ve always known the secret that the rest of the ladies are only now discovering: enjoying life and drawing goodness to you.

What Schatar’s been doing since she was expelled: Recently, Taylor joined Angie Stone, Roberta Fack, Howard Hewitt and Darius McCrary in song on a stage in Los Angeles; served as a commentator on BET’s “25 Most Fabulous Freaks” special; and is currently reading film and television scripts; making guest appearances; and giving speeches at various engagements.

Charm School Student ID: Courtney “Goldie” Jackson

Expelled for: Playing it too safe.

On Saaphyri: Honestly, I don’t think Saaphyri was the most charming of us all because I was (laughs). But I do think she demonstrated a lot of personal growth. For whatever reason Mo’Nique got what she wanted out of the show and Saaphyri was it.  Overall, Saaphyri succeeded in all the tests that Mo’Nique put her through and came out on top.

What Courtney has been up to since she was expelled: Jackson is busy on a college tour indulging her funny bone, perfecting her comedic timing, and working on her Los Angeles plus-size fashion show entitled, “Goldie’s Thick and Sexy Extravaganza.”