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Chadwick Boseman to Star as Marvel's First Black Superhero

The Get On Up and 42 star will play Black Panther in the upcoming superhero film.
Chadwick Boseman to Star as Marvel’s First Black Superhero
Target Presse Agentur Gmbh/WireImage

There’s a new superhero in town!

Marvel Studios revealed Tuesday that they’ve casted Chadwick Boseman in the title role of the newly-announced Black Panther film, making him the studio’s first solo lead of color, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Get On Up star will play T’Challa, leader of the fictional African nation of Wakanda in the film that will open November 2017. In the Marvel comic book series, the Black Panther was a member of the Avengers superhero group and also a solo hero in his 48-year history.

Marvel’s Ryan Penagos shared concept art of Boseman’s character on his Twitter page. The Black Panther will reportedly make his first appearance in the third Captain America film, Captain America: Civil War.