Celebs Who Shouldn’t Be in the Singing Booth

Turn the Volume Down…

When it was announced that Kim Kardashian was in the studio working on album we were all surprised to learn of the news. Doubly surprised to find out uber-producer Terius “The Dream” Nash would do most of the production. With the Dream’s track record there was a slight chance that Kim could solidify her place in our minds as a singer. However, based on her first single “Jam," we aren’t to sure if Kim is ready to take the stage-or if she should even get back in the booth. Kimmy isn’t the only celebrity who has been ambitious enough to venture into music, with horrible results. Here are a few celebrities who still have us saying, “Really?”

Eddie Murphy

Although Eddie Murphy’s 1985 track “Party All The Time,” was a hit, and he later teamed up with MJ for an collabo album, hearing the funny man attempt to sing seemed like a bad joke.

Kim Zolciack

With lots of help from Kandi Burress, Kim Z. made “Tardy for the Party” a catchy hit, but we still think she can’t sing a lick.

Kim Kardashian

Kim"s newest single “Jam (Turn it up),” wasn’t really the jam-and we’re still trying to turn it down.

Jada Pinkett

Usually Ms. Pinkett-Smith can do no wrong. However, she raised our eyebrows when she decided to venture into rock. Let’s just say joining the rock metal band Wicked Wisdom, was a little more wicked than wise.

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Naomi Campbell

Campbell’s debut album, “Baby Woman” was greeted with groans when released in the UK. The project never made it to the US, more than likely because because it sold 20 copies in her native country.

Tyra Banks

When America’s Top Model was at it’s peak of success, Tyra Banks thought it would be a great idea to premiere her first single “Shake Your Body” on the show. It was so bad the album was never released, and even Tyra admitted her failure on her talk show years later.

Esther Rolle

Best known for her maternal role of the show, “Good Times,” Rolle tried the music thing in 1975 with her gospel inspired album, “The Garden Of My Mind.” Out of respect, if we can’t say anything nice, we won’t say anything at all.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq aka Superman thought he could conquer the rap world like he conquers the court. With five studio albums and one compilation album, we think he could of made better use of his time practicing his free throws.