Mike Tyson’s Broke? Celebs & their Net Worth

Mike Tyson is Broke as a Joke

In a recent interview with Barbara Walters and the ladies of ‘The View,’ Tyson, 44, revealed without any shame that he is “totally destitute.” When asked how he got to such a low point, Mike Tyson responded, “I had a lot of fun. It just happened.”

The retired champion admitted it was his excessive and frivolous spending that led to his bank account’s demise.However, in a new state of mind he insists the lack of money has not ruined his life.”I have an awesome life, I have an awesome wife who cares about me…I don’t deserve to have the wife that I have; I don’t deserve the kids that I have, but I do, and I’m very grateful.”

If Mike Tyson is broke, and Nas is relatively rich enough to pay $87,000 in child support, $10,000 in spousal support, because he earns an alleged $152,000 a month, we’re left baffled regarding celebrities and their coin. Who are really some of our richest celebs, and who are the celebrities that are stuntin’ and frontin’? According to celebritynetworth.com and forbes.com, here’s how much our headlining celebrities this week are estimated to be worth. It just may surprise you:

Bobby Brown

Recently Bobby Brown used the stage in Jacksonville, FL, to propose to his girlfriend/manager of three years during a performance. Cute, but don’t know if we’re more surprised that Brown, 41, proposed to the mother of his 11-month old child, or that he actually was booked for a gig. Maybe the gig paid for the ring. Either way the slimmer Celebrity Fit Club star is down the road to marital bliss.

2009 Net Worth: Considering how much Bobby blew on illegal substances, he’s still worth an estimated $5 million+.


Usher, is feeling himself as of late. In a recent interview with UK’s Daily Star Usher matter-of-factly reminded everyone, “I am one of a kind, a worldwide pop icon,” and is well on the way to achieving the iconic stature of MJ. Really Ush? Maybe. His newest single, “OMG” from the album “Raymond vs. Raymond” has reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 this week, and his album is currently #2 of Billboards Hip Hop/R&B charts.

2009 Net Worth: Even though Usher may have lost some paper when signing his divorce papers,he’s still worth somewhere between $50-77 million+.

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Like Oprah, Beyonce is one Black woman that’ll probably never go broke. Bey’s new video, “Why Don’t You Love Me” premiered just last week. There are rumors swirling that she and her long time bestie, Kelly Rowland, who dropped her track “Commander” a few days prior are beefing. Kelly recently went on record to dispel any and all beef, saying she will “Love B to her dying days.” 2009 Net Worth: True or not, Beyonce with an estimated a $350 million+, has enough funds to buy a new bestie if she wanted to.

Gabrielle Union

The talented and beautiful Gabrielle Union seems to be caught in her own real-life drama movie. The actress who dates the still-married NBA star Dwayne Wade has recently been sued by Wade’s wife, Siohvaughn Wade. In the lawsuit, the mother of Wade’s two boys claims Gabby and Dwayne have conducted themselves in such a way around the young children that it has inflicted emotional distress. 2009 Net Worth: Siohvaughn Wade and the boys are seeking more than $50,000 from Union, that’s just chump change for Union, who is worth an estimated $12 million+.

Don Cheadle

Cheadle is currently co-starring in one of the highest grossing films in the last 10 years, “Iron Man 2.” The film raked in a total of $133.6 million its first weekend–quite a substantial number for a superhero sequel. 2009 Net Worth: Considered to be of one of Hollywood’s most notable rising stars, Cheadle is only worth an estimated $30 million+.

LL Cool J

Rapper/actor/designer LL Cool J, also known as James Todd Smith, is doing more than licking his lips nowadays. Smith released his latest fitness book, “Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle: A Full-Circle Guide to Developing Your Mind, Body, and Soul,” this week, sharing his secrets to his enviable physique. Let’s hope his steps to a healthier you are shorter than the title of the book. 2009 Net Worth: When album sales aren’t doing it for you anymore, write a book. Smith is worth an estimated $60-100 million+.

Chris Brown

CB stays in the headlines. The young star has had enough drama recently to last a lifetime, causing the loss of many possible endorsement deals and retailers refusing to shelf his albums. If Breezy doesn’t learn to pump his brakes, he may end up like Tyson, in more ways than one. 2009 Net Worth: The 21-year-old barely has chest hair, but is worth an estimated $12 million+.