A quick look at the headlines and you might think DMX is in the process of losing his mind up in here, up in here.

The rapper’s latest antics include yet another DUI and running through a Detroit hotel with his “ruff ryder” exposed for the world to see. For the past few years DMX’s loopy ways have become the fodder of our snarky tweets and hot topic of water cooler conversations. This week Dr. Phil announced that he would be airing a sit down with DMX later on this month. And you can bet the ratings will be through the roof.

What is it about celebrities falling apart that we love so much?

From Lamar Odom to Dave Chappelle’s alleged “meltdown” (he denies, and we kinda see his point), it seems like we love to watch a good train wreck. Oprah called it the “fallen celebrity syndrome” on a recent episode of Super Soul Sunday. “When a celebrity falls, we take some sort of comfort in it because it proves…everyone suffers in life,” explained Elizabeth Legger to Oprah. “When they fall it’s like, ‘See, my life’s important too.’”

Where do you stand? Are we supportive of celebrities dealing with tough personal issues or are we laughing at their pain? Sound off in the comments below.
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