Christmas with the Celebs

It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed, and we’ve arrived at another holiday season. The holidays for many are filled with food, family, festivities, gifts, and holiday traditions. It’s no exception for celebrities who are always in the public eye. It should come as no surprise how similar the people who are afforded the opportunities to live the most lavish lives, really do the same things we regular Joes do around the holidays.Here’s how our favorite celebs plan to spend the holidays.


“Usually for Christmas I go to my Aunt Bertha house and eat dinner and play cards all day. And on New years I go to my Aunts house and eat collard greens and black eye peas. Last year was the first time I broke the tradition when I went to the Bahamas.”-Kandi Burress, singer/songwriter/reality starlet


“We celebrate “Boxing Day” the day after Christmas, which this year I’ve titled “AllLeftOverEverything Day”. We’ll be throwing a house party and making all Christmas leftovers into party food!"-Estelle, recording artist

Keri Hilson

My mother;s birthday is Christmas Eve, so we wake up real early and cook her breakfast. That usually entails me cooking my famous vanilla rum french toast. We spend the night, and we all wake up at the same time Christmas day I’m always on stocking stuffer duty. I fill it with albums, products, and whatever I can challenge myself to put in them every year.”-Keri Hilson, songwriter/recording artist


“We try to instill in our children the importance of tradition and upholding the values that our parents instilled in us. Tonya and I make sure that during this time the kids are involved in charitable acts, even the smallest acts and favors towards their friends and teachers. We have saved momentos over the years that the kids include in decorating the tree and the house and believe it or not I can mix up a mean batch of cookie mix with the girls and decorate a gingerbread house with the best of them..LOL”-Ginuwine, recording artist

Christina Milian

Christina Milian told People magazine about some of her favorite Christmas movies, "My momwatched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with me, and I will watch it with my daughter [Violet, 9 months]. Charlie Brown tree was so spars. It couldn’t hold a candle to the Milian trees, which were always big and filled with decorations. They get bigger ad bigger every year.

Kelly Price

“I think I’m actually very traditional. I do a lot of cooking and baking and spending time with family. After traveling all year long I look forward to settling into the light and the decorations and watching the same CHRISTMAS MOVIES EVERY YEAR LOL! “-Kelly Price, recording artist


“My favorite tradition is eating! I like being Santa..I’m definetly going to giving my family a nice little of money and I try get some clothing pieces.. Of course I like look forward to the food, gathering, the comradery. It’s really about being Santa. I like to put a smile on people’s face.”- Ciara, recording artist

Flo Rida

With the exception of last year when I spent Christmas in Greece, usually I play Santa Claus for all my nieces and nephews. I have seven sisters so that’s alot of nieces and nephews, andwe all sit around open of gifts and eat tons of food.”-Flo Rida, recording artist

Raheem DeVaughn

“The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. As a tradition, I make it a priority to spend as much time with my children and family as possible. We gather the night before to reflect and share about what Christmas means before gifts are opened the day of.”-Raheem DeVaughn, recording artist

Sean Paul

“I enjoy cooking with my family for the holidays. My brother Jason and I actually went to culinary school…but he finished the course…so he’s the head chef. We discovered the turkey fryer a few years ago and its become our tradition now to fry a turkey for Christmas….other than that Jamaica at Holiday time is all about the parties!”—Sean Paul, recording artist

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Denise Vasi

“I always come home to celebrate Christmas with my family in Brooklyn. On the 24th we have a big family dinner and play “Parta Ola,” a traditional Greek game. We wait for the clock to strike midnight & then we open up gifts.” Denise Vasi, model/actress

Laura Izibor

“Someone in my family goes out and buys the RTE Guide every year.The RTE Guide is one of Ireland’s longest running magazines that comes with a TV guide inside of it.It lists all the movies that will be on over the holidays so we pick out our favorites and watch them as a family Christmas day.”-Laura Izibor, recording artist

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey tells Radio Disney, “I usually go to Aspen, but I’m not supposed to go there this year because I can’t ski and I can’t really do any of that stuff being pregnant. So, I’m just going to have to figure out where else we’re going to go… If I wasn’t home on time or something, she would sing my name really loud and I could hear it from way down the street and I will definitely not be doing that.”


“Friends and family joining me for brunch on Christmas morning has become a tradition at my house in Detroit. When I first started this event, I had no idea it would be such a big hit. But then again, how could it not be, with all of the good food, good people and lots of love. Nobody has to cook or clean, and I get to enjoy everybody’s company on Christmas at my own house. How cool is that?”-Kem, recording artist

Camille Winbush

“My family has a unique tradition of not having a traditional meal on Christmas. We don’t do turkey and all the fixings, we have a different theme each year. One year was seafood, another was tacos, and this year we’re doing chili and cornbread. We all decide what to have and then help make it. It’s a fun Christmas bonding experience.”-Camille Winbush, actress


“We take a road trip to my grandparents’ farm in Oklahoma and spend it there; away from everything. We always play Secret Santa on my mom’s side of the family and exchange and open those gifts on Christmas Eve.”-Dondria, recording artist

Terry Kennedy

“Nothing too crazy – We just come together as a family and enjoy each other’s company – and my Grandma’s cooking. We like decorating the house, cooking together – all of that fun holiday stuff.However, it would be dope to take some time off and vacation with the family in Hawaii if my schedule wasn’t so hectic.”-Terry Kennedy, professional skateboarder


“Nine years ago we all decided to gather on Christmas eve instead. My grandmom cooks shrimp casserole, my sister cooks the macaroni and cheese, my aunt does the veggies, and my mom brings her corn pudding. For some reason I’m always on dessert duty…..they’ve lost faith in my cooking ever since I burned the kitchen down while frying chicken.”- Egypt, radio personality


“I’m the DJ when my family gets together for Christmas, my holiday mixtape features Frank Sinatra, Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and Andrea Bocelli hosted by DJ Drama…”But that’s for all my Ho Ho Ho’s”! Just kidding!”-LLyod, recording artist

Sugar Shane Mosely

“Everyone in my family loves to cook, so usually my dad makes the turkey, my mom makes her famous mac and cheese, and my sister makes the greens.It’s a team effort and we all decorate the tree and have all of the children hang their favorite ornaments. To top off the day, we usually watch football and go outside to make a snowman.”-Sugar Shane Mosely, professional boxer

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas

“I love doing all my Christmas decorating and shopping early so that I can enjoy as much of my holiday as possible with friends and family. It still makes me happy to play Santa and surprise my son by getting him that special gift that he really wants. I am big on spending quality family time so the holidays always give me an opportunity to cook and enjoy those close to me.”-Chilli, reality starlet/recording artist