Three Things To Know About Celebrating Harriet Tubman Day
H.B. Lindsey
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As the 27th anniversary of Harriet Tubman day arrives, it seems the legacy of well-known Underground Railroad conductor is being highlighted in our culture more so than ever before.

Whether it’s through a riveting performance by Aisha Hinds who plays Tubman in WGN’s Underground, last year’s announcement of her being the new face of the $20 bill or news of an upcoming feature film Harriet, it’s very clear that her story is getting the much-needed attention that it deserves.

And on March 10, the day of Tubman’s birth nearly two centuries ago, we celebrate her contributions to this country and to her people. Here’s what you should know about the national holiday that we all should recognize.

1. Harriet Tubman Day Became Official Nearly Three Decades Ago:

The U.S. Senate and House declared Harriet Tubman day on March 10, 1990. The day was assembled as one “to be observed by the people of the U.S. with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” 

2. #WeAreHarriet Celebrations Nationwide:

On March 10 and 11, thousands of women and girls nationwide will participate in various #WeAreHarriet celebrations. As Ebony reported, activities include “Harriet House Parties,” which consists of women work with their community for gatherings.

3. New York City Schools Traditional For Celebrating The Day:

As The New York Daily News reports, various schools in boroughs across New York City celebrate the iconic leader on March 10 in a numerous ways. At P.S. 154 Harriet Tubman School in Harlem, children sing songs and recite poetry while marching to the Tubman statue.

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At The Harriet Tubman Charter School in the Bronx, students can enter an essay contest. There, they are asked various questions like ‘what problems would Tubman focus on if she were alive today’ or ‘what charities might she support?’

Let us know how you plan to recognize Tubman in the comments below.

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